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Jewish Art Calendar Fundraiser

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you to solicit your participation and support for the Chabad of Putnam Jewish Art Calendar -This beautiful full-color art calendar includes the dates of all Jewish holidays, local Shabbat times, and other useful information of interest to a Jewish home. It is distributed to Jewish homes before Rosh Hashanah without charge. 

As you are undoubtedly aware, Chabad of Putnam depends on the financial support of many voluntary contributors in order to perform its many and varied outreach programs to our Jewish community.  No one is turned away because of inability to pay.  Every Jew, regardless of affiliation, is welcome at Chabad!  

By providing your support for this calendar, you can participate in an important Mitzvah and honor yourselves and your loved ones by contributing.  It’s also a great way to keep track of family birthdays, anniversaries and Yahrzeits in a single location!

Those of you who own businesses can additionally support Chabad of Putnam by placing a business ad in this calendar. Let the community know that you are here every day of the year! Ads in newspapers have a very short life span. Potential customers will view the Jewish Art Calendar the entire year, thereby giving you the maximum exposure and return on your dollar. 
Thank you for your Mitzvah and may G‑d bless you with much health, happiness and success in all of your endeavors.

Rabbi Avi Korer 


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Please include my family Birthdays/Yahrtzeits/Anniversaries - $36 Donation
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Name 3   Date 3    
Name 4   Date 4    
Name 5   Date 5    
Name 6   Date 6    
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  Yahrtzeits will be recorded in the calendar on the Hebrew Date (i.e. Tishrei 1, 5772 etc.) on which the Yahrtzeit occurred.  Check here to record these Yahrtzeits on the Secular Date.
  Birthdays will be recorded on the Secular Date (i.e. January 1, 2017).  Check here to calculate and record these birthdays on the Hebrew Date.

Personal Greeting or New Year wishes - $180



Yes! I Would Like to Advertise in Your Calendar!
Calendar Pages  
  Full Page (8x10)                  $1000.00 Banner (per month) (10x2)       $500.00
  Business Card Greeting        $180.00    Business Card                          $180.00
3 Business Cards & more          $150.00
Please email your Ad or Message to Info@PutnamChabad.org



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